The Great Fed Square Heist

Project Overview

Using the existing external 3D model, we worked with the Fed Square team to overlay a gamification element to introduce a virtual Treasure Hunt.

The Great Fed Square Heist, featured Fred and Fifi (Fed Square’s seagull mascots).

In The Great Fed Square Heist, users navigated around a virtual Fed Square to collect 15 treasures that the naughty birdie burglars have pinched.

If you find all 15 and lock up our feathered felons, you’ll have the chance to be entered into the weekly prize draw.

For the super-sleuths there’s also an extra-tricky clue that leads you to an invisible Golden Ticket for your chance to be entered into the major draw.


Federation Square


October 2021

What We Did

External 3D Model. 360 walk through and gamification elements.