CITE for Retail

Finding your online point of difference in retail is hard. Make every customer interaction matter. CITE has created virtual tours to enhance your online business experience. Because finding a point of difference is important in a saturated market.

Create an immersive shopping experience

Now your customer can browse your store through a 3D digital model. This includes a tour of your store, product tags, and the ability to add products to shopping carts from the model. Above all, virtual technology is here to change your online customer experience.

Confident purchase decisions

Customers can be wary when shopping online, reducing immediate sales purchases. With CITE, customers can experience the brand like they are shopping in your store – similar to real-life shopping experiences. Because stimulating the consumer can create real-time purchases.

Insight for your business

With CITE by Macutex, your online store can embed a 3D digital model to your existing website. The model allows you to track your customer’s interaction with your products by way of existing analytics. Because knowing more about your customer, means better insight for your business.