CITE for Cultural Spaces

Share visitor experiences with anyone around the globe anytime, anywhere. This technology does not replace your physical visit but opens your internal and external space to the online world. CITE helps you stay open 24/7. 

Reach a whole new audience 

Engage with people you never thought possible. Through 3D digital models, you can connect with an entirely new market. It allows customers and visitors to explore your space, from the comforts of their home.  

Educate your community 

Share information, links, photos and videos through digital tags. All embedded in your 3D digital model. Allow the broader community to enjoy your space and participate in learning through virtual tours. 

Revisit the space

Not only can you reach more people, but people can also come back and share the experience with others. With virtual technology, you can create high-resolution videos and tours to make it easy for your users to re-live your experience.