CITE for Commercial and Industrial

CITE produces visualization solutions through immersive technology, sophisticated systems and the integration of data. We are the leaders in combining the physical and the digital for place and precinct innovation.

Development of bespoke platforms by visualising your environment to infrastructure level.

Delivery of a frictionless pathway for you and your stakeholders to engage and act, whether it be conveying information, comparing and tracking data or decision making.

Latest hardware and software technology solutions with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

CITE’S unique features

Digital twin modelling and 3D Mapping with real time and immersive reality to capture live building data. This drives sustainability in two ways:

  • Captures, organizes and displays data to aid decision making
  • Predictive guide for the future – compares possible scenarios and outcomes of decisions before they are taken

360 virtual model walk through – visual staging for fit outs ands floor plates

3D stacks generated from CAD drawings

Defects and dilapidation reports for construction and facility managers

Next generation BIM (BIM) Solutions, which track and monitor buildings to their discreet component, integrating:

      • Plant and equipment
      • Maintenance history and schedules
      • Operations manuals
      • Specifications
      • Building Automation Systems(BAS) Live updates


Building Operations System ( BOS) – a central software platform that enables “business verticals”, traditionally compartmentalised at all levels of building infrastructure and use, to communicate with each other.

      • OHS systems
      • Computerized maintenance systems
      • Tracking and monitoring of gas, energy and water consumption



Drive sales | Attract quality prospects | Dynamic information


Unlock higher sales value | Transparent due diligence | Innovative display of asset sales data


Design-build construction process | Bridge the gap between form and function | Asset performance optimization


Lifecyle facility management | Onboarding and induction for tenants | Property news and communication | Placemaking events and activations