How It Works

CITE  helps you connect with customers and communities in new and innovative ways. It opens up your space so you can offer customers a more intimate and immersive experience with your business and physical space. Best of all is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

This technology moves your business online and embeds your 360° space on your website. It drives sales and engagement with your customers and communities. It even allows the ability to measure a space directly through a website experience.

In simple terms, our team come on site and scan your space using our sophisticated technlogy. In post production,  the scans are stitched together using artificial intelligence to replicate the real world, in a digital world.

Once your digital model is complete, anyone can tour your site remotely and enjoy the same experience that they would, if they were there in person.

Main Features of CITE


Main features of CITE include:

  • 360° walkthrough view
  • Dollhouse view
  • Floor plan view
  • Embedded tags and media to highlight key features throughout the building
  • Ability to measure within the model
  • Video tour and slide show from 3D model
  • High definition photographs can be exported from the tour

You can click on each section below for further details and examples.

360° walkthrough view

Provides an internal walkthrough of the building as if you were physically on location, moving from one space to another. 

Dollhouse view

Enjoy a 3D digital model of your building from the outside. You can rotate it along any axis to see it from any perspective.

Floor plan view

Experience a bird’s eye view of the internal space, looking down from above as if there was no roof. This makes it easy to understand and review the layout of the building.

Embedded annotations and media to highlight key features of the building asset

Within the 3D model, feature tags can be added at points of interest that act as links to take user to supporting information and guide the user to a more detailed and interactive experience.

CITE can insert most multimedia and documents into these links so that when you hover over or click into it would take you to one of the following items:

  • Notes
  • Documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Photo with or without hyperlinked info
  • Video with or without hyperlinked info
  • Hyperlink

Ability to measure within the model

The digital model provides the ability to take measurements at any location. This helps support conceptual design and works planning. Any wall, door, window, or item within the space can be accurately measured.

Video tour and slide show from 3D model

We can help you create a video tour and slide show that highlight the attributes of the internal space.

360° views

Full 360° view of your space.

360° walkthrough

Experience a 360° walkthrough in virtual reality.